Well, it is always amazing to write you young man. I missed that but I trust that you are holding and moving on with the instructions left for you in previous doses of the process. Today, I have a simple message to pass across to you. Don't allow success get into your head nor failure dwell in your heart. Both sides are dangerous twins. It does not matter what you have accomplished hitherto, don't allow it get to your head. God want you to know that the glory of the later house will always surpass the former. There is not going to be a better yesterday for you. God has a scheme of making you shine brighter as your days goes by. You were designed to get better with your time here on earth till you change address. You must know that very early and keep pushing out the best of God for you. Don't relax on yesterday's success. No, its dangerous. Allowing success to enter your head could make you rest on your oak and that may leave you behind the mark of his high calling. You


Young man, quite sometimes. Hope you are faring well and your desire to be all that God designed for you has not changed? Well, in pursuit of that you must not forget you ultimate need. Your greatest need is not money, power or influence. Its not even human being. Those are vital compositions of your need to be what God want you to be. But they are not your ultimate need. Your greatest need is God. Your greatest need should be him always. You must center all your desire around him and all he has to give. He is essentially all that you need to get all other things. Truth be told, you may not feel that way. But in reality of your existence, God is your greatest need. You must not allow other need to overshadow your need of him. Let him not be an option on your need priority. Your need of him must be first. Joseph knew that God was his greatest need when he was in his making process. He knew he needed all of God to be all of his design. He could have placed a woman ahead of God. He could


It is wrong to claim that you are a self-made man. Young man, it is an aberration from truth because you are not in reality self-made. There is no one that is self-made. You are a combination of several efforts and packages from others. It is an illusion, young man and you must not fall for that cos it will reduce your effectiveness in life. It will limit how you can access all the helps that God packaged in men for you. The claim is egotistic and it destroys you from attaining your best. You are a combination of efforts. Parents, teachers,friends, colleagues and all around you have their inputs in what you will become. The idea of a self-made man is traceable to a man who think no one deserves a place of praise in their making process. They think they achieved it all by themselves. Well, you may have achieve some, but you didn't do it all by yourself. Such claims leaves you to be self-centered. You may erase the place of God also thinking that its all your talents, gifts and all t


Young man, it is quite sometimes and I must admit that I missed writing you. Rest is something essential and when you don't give it to body, the body take its naturally but don't allow it to be forced. Its dangerous. Today, I want to tell you something significantly valuable for your journey especially those of you interrupted on your path. God may interrupt your plans so as to enter into the reality of what you must become. You may be on your way with speed in wrong direction and God will slow you down and redirect your course so that you can be his design. The moment you notice a strong opposition from the Holy Spirit on an issue or what you are doing, please relax and allow his lead. You may have a desire but it may not fit into his desire. You want to be the best singer in the world but God interrupted you and cause you to study science, there is a purpose to it. God is deliberate in his scheme. Even if you are going fine on your path, he may have a more glorious path for y


The doctor came forward in his brilliant white lab coat to ask for Mr Aderanti's family, "doctors care but God heals, we tried our very best but I'm sorry to inform you that we lost Mr Aderanti", he finally managed to say. Mr Aderanti had developed high blood pressure about six months ago and was warned to desist from worry but he didn't. Worrying is something that happens naturally to a lot of people. They just can't help but worry about absolutely anything and everything. People worry about things they can work on and things they can never do anything about like their nationality, their family or tribe, complexion, height etc. Worrying has been discovered to cause numerous health issues physically, emotionally and mentally. Interestingly, some people don't even know the difference between thinking and worrying. While thinking is a productive process of ruminating on a particular issue analytically to attain a positive result, worrying is unnecessarily bu


Young man, one dangerous path you must not follow is path of ingenuity. You must be genuine in all you do to become all of God's design for you. Meanwhile, several young people are not genuine at all. They prefer to live a fake life. Its not meant to be. You will be shortchanging yourself a lot in life in doing so.You need help? Ask for it. God has place several helpers around for you to fulfil his mandate for you. You must be deliberate in asking the right people for help. Don't ever form or pose for your helper, Its dangerous. Ask for help, it is your part of your design. Be very intentional in asking for help when you need it. Sorry, I don't need anyone and I can make it by myself and all, are the undoings of a failed man. The reality is that God has packaged some of your supplies in your helper. Meanwhile, God is the bigger helper. You must learn to ask. Ask, it shall be given. Knock, the door shall be opened and seek, you shall find. The parameter to getting help is as


Young man, the success road contains two paths namely the 2-D and the 3-D path. The 2-D which is dream and desire, are the architectural building monomers of the word "success". If you don't have a dream then automatically you can not have a desire. Dream spurs desire! Without dream, there is no basis for desire. The bedrock for desire is to have a dream. If you do not have an ambition to become a nurse, your desire to look like one you see in the hospital is zero. Your desire to wear their uniform(scrubs) is baseless or probably will be in acting a movie. Can I tell you something? Young man, your dream must align with God's purpose for your life if you will not be desiring success in what is not the will of God for your life. The second D in 2-D path is Desire. This is wishing to be successful in your aspiration. I must tell you this young man, wishing to be like a successful professor or one of the richest men around the world is good. However, mere description can